8 – How our pricing works

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Pricing: Genie saves you (and your client) 75-90% of the cost of document production

The Genie was designed to streamline document production whenever possible, to make the process as cheap, fast and easy as it can be.

The Genie features on-demand pricing of $1.13 per document converted to PDF, Bates labeled, and indexed. There is no minimum cost for a Document Set. This means that if you need to produce or disclose more documents in your case—even a single document—using the Genie will save you money compared to producing those documents manually.

Better yet, Discovery Genie is a legitimate legal cost that may be billed to clients and recovered as costs under the civil procedure rules in most jurisdictions. Unlike excessive hours spent by paralegals or lawyers doing menial tasks (like converting emails or documents to PDF or retyping metadata into indexes), the professional time spent using Discovery Genie adds real value to the case by identifying and annotating the most important (Key) documents—all while dramatically increasing the speed and accuracy of the production and analysis.

Congratulations on using Discovery Genie as your new secret weapon to convert the worst part of litigation—document review, production and indexing—into a valuable asset to help you win your case.

Just as a reminder, if you have any questions as you are using Discovery Genie, just give us a call at 303-872-2410 for immediate assistance.

Thank you so much!

The Discovery Genie Team