PDF conversion.

Our patented eDiscovery software converts your documents to PDF—and retains valuable metadata to help you find your evidence throughout the litigation.

Preserve metadata

Email and electronic file metadata is used to create indexes so you can easily find exhibits or evidence.

Automate file conversion

Convert over one hundred different electronic file types, including emails, to PDF.

Apply Bates numbers

Discovery Genie adds Bates numbers to every page of your production and renames your production to match the Bates numbers.

Draft production

Create a draft production and change the order of your documents and replace the Bates numbers as necessary before finalizing.

Native file return

Optionally produce files in their native format. 
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Auto convert.

Discovery Genie automatically converts your documents to PDF. Our system can convert over 100 different electronic file types, including emails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, Powerpoint, pictures, text files, and more. If our system is unable to convert a file to PDF our system keeps the file in the document set in its native format.

Our eDiscovery software also gives you the option of producing certain kinds of files (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint presentations—and more on the way) in their native format. Native file production is essential where conversion to PDF would result in a useless file or would delete valuable data.

Auto add Bates.

Discovery Genie adds Bates numbers to every page of your production and renames your production to match the Bates numbers appearing on the PDF. You can specify what prefix you want for your Bates numbers and the starting Bates number for the document set. Discovery Genie then puts Bates numbers on every page of the PDF output.  

If Discovery Genie does not convert a file to PDF (either because it can’t or because you elect native file return), Discovery Genie keeps the file in its original format, and renames it to match a Bates number in sequence with your production.  

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Draft production.

Many practices like to have a paralegal or law clerk take the first cut at a privilege review, and in Canadian practices, prepare a draft affidavit of documents with a draft Schedule A and B. Our eDiscovery software is designed to accommodate this workflow, and if the reviewing lawyer wants changes, the review can be changed and updated—and have the entire set produced with new Bates numbers. This means that all the documents can be reorganized, Bates numbered and indexed, as if the final decisions about the categories were made in the first place. 

Preserve metadata.

What do you lose if you use Acrobat for Bates numbering? Unlike Discovery Genie, Acrobat has no way to collect and store the metadata from your original files.  

Our eDiscovery software collects the metadata and inserts it into valuable, spreadsheet indexes, so you can easily find the exhibit or evidence you need in real time for the remainder of the litigation. Discovery Genie uses the metadata from privileged documents to automatically create a privilege log, so you don't have to spend firm resources typing one. 

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