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Our clients save 75% to 90% of the cost of manual document production.



Only pay for the document sets you produce.

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Simple, predictable, and transparent Pricing

$1.13 per privileged or produced document, and $.67 per irrelevant document, paid at the time you output your documents. Period. If you produce 500 documents, the charge is $565.00. If you produce 100 documents, the charge is $113.00. Unlike other eDiscovery platforms, here are some charges that Discovery Genie does not have:

  • Subscription charges
  • Signup charges
  • Upload fees
  • Review fees
  • Download fees
  • Storage fees
  • Per-page charges
  • Maintenance fees
  • Customer service charges
  • Consulting charges
  • Any other kind of charges


Make eDiscovery easy.

Reclaim your time, save money, and win your case.