Privilege prediction.

Our patented eDiscovery software makes a privilege review fast, easy, and (dare we say it?) fun, by using a special, patented algorithm we call The Predictor.

For most firms, a privilege review is a necessary evil. It ensures that protected documents are not revealed or misused in litigation, but otherwise delivers no benefit in winning your case. Discovery Genie can help to turn this necessity into a virtue.

Discovery Genie gathers all the email addresses from every field in each email (from, to, cc and bcc) and organizes them for you to review. Simply classify each party in the emails as a lawyer, client, adverse party or third party. Our eDiscovery software will then provide a prediction for whether each item is privileged or should be produced.

Our system is remarkably accurate, and makes a privilege review possible in minutes instead of hours. Review each document normally, and confirm the prediction—or change it where necessary.

Use the "Notes" field to add your claim of privilege. Discovery Genie will automatically generate a privilege log for you, using the metadata from your documents and your notes from your review.


Make eDiscovery easy.

Reclaim your time, save money, and win your case.