5 – Uploading your file

Juan PortilloTraining

Upload your Archive file into your Discovery Genie job

Congratulations—preparing your materials for upload is the hardest part of using Discovery Genie. Now you are ready to upload your archive into Discovery Genie for processing.

Go to Discovery Genie and find the Job you created. (You can always find your place by clicking the Home button in the navigation bar. Then find your Case on the left menu, click on it to open the Case overview in the main window, and look at the bottom section to find your Job.)

Click on the blue Upload button and follow the prompts. The first screen gives you the option of bypassing the Review feature, by selecting either “Mark all privileged” or “Mark all produced.” This feature is handy if you do not need to perform a review and you just want to quickly process your documents to convert them to PDF, Bates number them, and index them. The “mark all confidential” checkbox will add the Custom Stamp on every document.

Clicking the Next button brings up the target to upload your job. Drag and drop your .pst, .mbox or .zip file onto the target. (You don’t even have to hit the bullseye.) The Genie will automatically upload your .pst, .mbox or .zip, and take you to the next step.

Screenshot of Discovery Genie file upload bullseye

Go get a cup of coffee if you’d like. The Genie will notify you by email when your Job is ready to review—it generally takes just a couple of minutes, depending on the size of the file you upload and the speed of your internet connection. It will appear in your case when it is done uploading.


If you prefer to navigate to your file instead of dragging and dropping, simply click on the target.