What are you waiting for?

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What are you waiting for?

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about your big break — the perfect referral partner, a life-changing client, a simple way to complete the boring work, a chance encounter that leads to interesting work, a call from Ellen asking to interview you about being the funniest lawyer on the planet or a mentor that will change the course of your career?

Have you ever checked and rechecked your phone, email or messages, ready for the call to action or simple solution that never came?

Waiting to be picked is hard work. It takes time, patience and resilience.

So is believing in your vision, finding the things that work for you and choosing to take action yourself.

Whether it’s wanting more clients, more money, an easier system, more balance or more time to do the work that is engaging and interesting, you don’t have to wait to be chosen. You can choose yourself.

And when you do, your entire focus shifts and it’s easier to see options and take inspired action. I know because I’ve both waited to be picked and picked myself and taken action. And while they both require time, patience and resilience, only one reliably produces the desired results.

I spent many years waiting for someone else to create an affordable option that would make document production easier for my solo law firm. Finally, I decided to quit waiting and take action and design and produce the thing I desperately needed, which is how Discovery Genie came to be. And now I save money, time and a chunk of my sanity when I need to produce documents.

So what is it you’re waiting for?

(If what you’re waiting for is a discovery system that is inexpensive, easy to learn and use, doesn’t require an IT department and bridges the gap between tedious manual production and complicated, expensive eDiscovery, we’ve created that. (So now that that problem is solved, what do you want to create?)