Upload and Processing Issues

Juan PortilloSupport

The Genie works with three file types—pst, mbox and zip. If you are having trouble uploading a job, chances are the Genie received a different type of file that it cannot process. The following topics should help you troubleshoot your issue and help you upload your job so the Genie can save your time and your client’s money.


  1. You cannot upload an Outlook folder directly into Discovery Genie. You need to convert your folder of emails and attachments into a pst file. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  2. You cannot upload a pst file when it is open in Outlook. If you have opened your pst file in Outlook to look at it, please close it before you upload it into Discovery Genie. Windows prevents acting on a file that is in use, and prevents uploading an “open” pst into the Genie.
  3. Your pst may contain more than just emails. The pst is a versatile file-type that allows a user to export and import any kind of Outlook data, including calendar events, to-do lists, notes, meeting invitations, and other information, in addition to emails. The Genie will accept any kind of pst data, but is unable to process any pst data that is not emails, or email-like (the Genie will generally process meeting invitations, for example, because these are similar to emails). To avoid extra steps and possible confusion, the best practice is to convert a single email folder, containing all of the emails you want to process, into a pst. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


Your mbox may look like a file, but may actually be a folder. When Apple Mail (in particular) creates an mbox, it confusingly creates a folder called (for example) “Productionmbox,” which contains not only the mbox data, but also other “table of contents” data in a separate file. Discovery Genie cannot process the folder, even though the folder has an mbox extension. To upload the correct file, double-click the item called (for example) “Productionmbox.” If it opens as a folder, inside you will find a file named “mbox,” with no extension or descriptive file name. This is the correct mbox to upload to Discovery Genie. If the mbox does not open as a folder, but instead gives a message like “unknown file type,” this is the correct mbox to upload into the Genie.


The Genie cannot process electronic documents directly. If you have electronic documents—even a single document, like a Word file—you must compress it into a zip file before uploading it into the Genie. Click here for step-by-step directions.