Redacting Documents

Juan PortilloSupport

When you check the “redact” box while reviewing a document in Discovery Genie, when you download your document set the Genie puts the document into a separate “To_Be_Redacted” subfolder inside the “Draft Production” folder. The Genie also creates a separate “redaction” log, indexing the documents to be redacted, including your notes, which you may use to indicate what needs to be redacted.

After you have downloaded your job, go to the “To_Be_Redacted” subfolder within the “Draft_Production” folder, where you will find the documents you designated for redaction, following these steps:

  1. If you would like to keep a copy of the unredacted documents for future use, we recommend copying each document, and save your copy in the “To_Be_Redacted” subfolder, with a new name, such as “Deft_0001_unredacted.pdf.” Note that your PDF editing software (see step 2 below) might do this automatically.
  2. Use third-party PDF editing software to redact the confidential information from each PDF in the “To_Be_Redacted” subfolder. For suggestions, see Redaction Tools.
  3. When you finish redacting a document, move it from the “To_Be_Redacted” subfolder into the “Draft_Production” folder. If you sort the documents by filename, you will see that the redacted documents fill in the spaces of the files designated for production that do not require redaction.