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What we'll be covering:

  • Your firm’s practice, including types and size of cases, number of attorneys and support staff

  • Your existing document production process

  • Challenges you have been experiencing with document production

  • Solutions for how to implement an effective eDiscovery solution

We treat our diagnostic appointments like a doctor’s appointment—the better we can understand your practice, the better we can address your specific concerns and objectives. Please have all stakeholders who will need questions answered at the meeting, so we can make the most of our time.

The Problem

We have the solution.

Finally, eDiscovery for the rest of us. Our patented system was designed by a lawyer who needed an effective document production solution his own firm. One customer put it best: “Discovery Genie thinks like a lawyer, not like a software engineer.” But the Genie does not just save time and money with manual production—it actually helps you win your cases, while freeing up existing resources to grow your firm. The most common problems firms have:

  • Reliance on consumer software like Outlook and Adobe Acrobat to convert documents one by one to PDF and add Bates numbers—powered by paralegals or lawyers wasting ungodly hours doing rote, mechanical tasks

  • Lack of control over evidence, and inability to find important evidence immediately when needed

  • Deletion of valuable metadata from client documents, instead of capturing this information for indexing and analyzing evidence

  • Writing off paralegal and lawyer time spent on rote mechanical tasks, like converting emails to PDF one by one

  • Risk of malpractice for lack of mastery over evidence and sanctions for noncompliance with court rules

Results and Testimonials

Small firms have been waiting a long time for a cost-effective tool for ingesting and organizing Electronically-Stored Information. Discovery Genie is that long overdue solution.
- Tom O’Connor, Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center
Author: eDiscovery for Small Cases
There is a considerable need in the market for discovery software developed to support small cases – which are as much as 90% of all civil cases – and Discovery Genie is designed to address that need.
- Doug Austin, Blogger: eDiscovery Today (
Discovery Genie is for the pragmatic, self-driven lawyer who needs to get a document production completed without the fuss, expense, and perils of traditional discovery approaches.
- Gary Thompson, Partner, Washington D.C.
Discovery Genie is great for organizing emails, and making sure that privileged information stays privileged.  It is also an easy way for staff and attorneys to review and work on discovery at different times and stay on the same page.
- Sean McDermott, Partner, McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP.
Discovery Genie is incredibly user-friendly, with everything laid out for you. It’s an easy-to-use, quick way to get your Discovery out whether you have photos, attachments or emails.  And if you have questions, the help page pretty much covers everything.
- Connie Rodriguez, Legal Assistant, Tiemeier & Stich, PC
Discovery Genie offers lawyers a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to identify, Bates stamp, and produce responsive, non-privileged emails in the context of any litigation - criminal or civil; complex or simple. I used Discovery Genie to produce more than 360,000 pages of materials in response to a federal grand jury subpoena. Discovery Genie substantially diminished the cost as well as the time needed to produce the materials. My client and I were thrilled.
- Greg Goldberg, Partner, Denver, CO

Our Proven Method.

Our eDiscovery software for small firms gives you complete control and mastery of your evidence—and helps you win your cases—while dramatically reducing the cost and burden of processing client documents by hand using outdated software.