Managing Your Law Firm – Technology

Gina VentolaBlog

Technology can take your law firm to the next level in many ways. With the advent of the
internet, there are no more mad dashes to the clerk’s office or the post office. Here are some
helpful tips to help run your law firm efficiently and effectively.

  • Know What You’re Currently Using – You have to start at the beginning. By reviewing
    your current software, you will see what is needed. I find that performing an annual
    technology audit helps reconcile what is being spent, how the licensing works, and
    whether any software is redundant to other tools currently in use.
  • Know What’s Available – Now that you know what you are currently using, determine
    what is missing. Some basic categories are word processing, PDF editing software, e-
    discovery solutions, case management software, backup and accounting solutions. Using
    the criteria in the technology audit, you can streamline your expenses by picking software
    that works for your needs. By utilizing cloud-based technology, you will have more
    choices for your software needs.
  • Embrace the Cloud – In the legal community, the need for keeping data confidential and
    secure is paramount. However, having your data stored on a physical machine in your
    office presents its own issues. Is the storage room locked? Does it have its own cooling
    system? Does it have its own fire prevention system? Is there redundancy so if one drive
    goes down, another picks up the slack? By moving to the cloud, all of these issues can be
    addressed with your IT manager or managed service provider.
  • Backups – In a nutshell, backups are imperative for your firm. Again, by embracing
    cloud-based solutions, you have more choices for backing up your data as well as storage
    solutions. By working with your IT manager or managed service provider, you can
    determine what types of backups should be performed, such as full versus incremental. In
    addition, by having a regular backup schedule, you can reduce the risk of a ransomware
  • Security – There are many threats to your data’s security, including viruses and
    ransomware attacks. By implementing strong password policies along with technology
    education opportunities, you can help protect your firm’s data. It may be beneficial to
    have a conversation with your commercial insurance provider to verify cybersecurity
    coverage and helpful tips to avoid security issues going forward.
    Technology management can be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, by reviewing
    these steps, you can know where your software dollar is going, the best solutions for your
    dollar, and how to protect it

Gina Ventola is the Practice Manager for Ventola Mediation. She has worked in the legal
industry for over 30 years and has a strong background in law firm management along with
technology management.