System Features

  • Easily upload documents directly to the system
  • Converts 124 types of electronic files to PDF
  • Works with email output from any email client
  • Simplifies Collaboration
  • Web-based, with no IT integration necessary
  • Hosted on Secure, HIPAA-compliant servers
  • Secure Encryption of data
  • Powerful 3rd party app integrations

Document Review Features

  • Classify email senders/recipients by role
  • Predict privilege based on sender/recipient role
  • Mark documents as privileged/produced/irrelevant
  • Designate "key" documents
  • Designate documents for redaction
  • Mark documents as confidential
  • Preview documents
  • Capture notes as you review
  • Color-code documents 
  • Numerous options for sorting/filtering of documents

Output Features

  • Add custom bates numbers and prefixes
  • Automatically tracks bates numbers
  • Optional native file return
  • Sort output chronologically and organize emails with attachments
  • Creates a privilege log
  • Delivers "key document" folder
  • Creates index of entire production

Support and Pricing Features

  • Unlimited free training
  • Real-time, free technical support
  • On-demand system - only pay for what you need
  • Pricing scales to case
  • No storage costs