System-wide features

Converts 124 types of electronic files to PDF

Web-based, with no IT integration necessary

Hosted on secure, HIPAA-compliant servers with robust encryption

Secure encryption of data between users and servers

Works with email output from any email client

Allows input of mixed file types

(Best pricing feature)

Uses client-matter ID for easy billing

Simplifies collaboration

Clients can easily upload documents directly to the system for law firm review

No minimum input required

Review features

Classifies senders/recipients of email by role in litigation

Predicts likelihood of privilege based on sender/recipient

Checkbox to mark as privileged/produced/irrelevant

Checkbox to designate “key” documents

Checkbox to designate documents for redaction

Checkbox to mark documents with optional “Confidential” stamp

Checkbox to opt for production of native file (instead of PDF) for office-type docs (.xls, .doc, .ppt, etc.)

Preview of documents in separate window for large or dual monitors

Captures lawyer/paralegal notes as you review

Allows color-coded flagging of documents

Numerous options to sort/filter data to expedite review

Integrates with Casemaker—allows integration of the law with the evidence in your case

Separate field for legal research notes and citations tied to specific evidence

All review/flags/legal notes are integrated into comprehensive indexes of documents


Output features

Adds customized Bates numbers

Unlimited Bates prefixes

Automatically tracks Bates numbers

Optional placement of Bates numbers in 1/2 inch lower margin

Optional native file production for office-type docs (e.g., .xls, .doc, .ppt)

Optional confidential stamp on selected documents

Sorts output chronologically and organizes emails with attachments

Organizes output into “Draft Production” and “Internal Use Only” folders

Creates privilege log

Creates indexes of entire production including notes

Creates index/audit trail of irrelevant documents

Delivers separate “Key Document” folder to keep important documents close at hand

Creates “Key Document” index

Support and Pricing features

On-demand system—pay only for what you need

Pricing scales to case

No storage costs

Real-time, free technical support

Unlimited free training

24/7 online training and support


See just how easy our system is to use

Watch the 3 minute video

Click on Each step below to see just how easy document production can be

Step 1: Create a Case
Document production begins by creating a case. The Genie will keep track of Bates and Privilege numbers for you, ensuring there are no duplicate numbers, no matter how many jobs you need to run for your case.

  • Customize number formatting with leading zeros
  • Support for multiple Bates prefixes per case
  • Track client and matter numbers for billing
  • Set customizable stamp (e.g., “Confidential”)