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Discover Genie is a web-based tool for simplifying document production. The Genie automates tedious tasks while giving you an edge in litigation.

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Manually produce documents?

Using acrobat and creating an excel index is a slow, clunky and frustrating process.


Wasting valuable time?

Tedious document production takes up your staff's time, and keeps them from more valuable work.


Don't need full eDiscovery?

Expensive, complicated eDiscovery platforms aren’t necessary for most cases.

Meet the time-saving, happy medium!

Discovery Genie solves the problem, capturing the space between tedious manual production and complicated, expensive eDiscovery.

Easy to Use

Designed by a lawyer who understands litigation. You don't need an IT department to organize and index your production.

Cost Effective

No storage costs
No specialized training
No minimum charges
No Shenanigans


Automate labor-intensive tasks for
faster and more accurate reviews.
Free up your time for more valuable work.

Quick to Learn

You don’t need an IT department or extensive training to run our program.

Manages Documents

Converts documents to PDF
Applies Bates Numbers
Marks confidential documents
Special handling for key documents

Delivers Results

Generates a privilege log and a comprehensive log of all documents you produce, complete with annotations.